Woodlands Pet Siting
  • ​Paperwork needs to be filled out/signed before work can begin.
  • Payment is DUE at the beginning of the 1st service and must be paid in full unless prior arrangements have been made. 
  • Make reservations at least 72 hours in advance. (In cases of short notice I will do my best to fit you in so don't hesitate to contact me).
  • A cancellation policy of 48 hours is required for reservations of 5 days or less or a penalty of $5 for every visit that was planned will be due. A cancellation policy of 72 hours is required for reservations more than 5 days or a penalty of $10 is due for every visit that was planned. cancellations for weekly clients, i need at least 24 hour notice.
  • Holiday cancellations need to be made 72 hours in advance or a $13 penalty applies for every visit that was planned. If it is a last minute holiday cancellation (less than 72 hour notice) a $15 penalty applies for every visit that was planned. (Holidays include Easter, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years).

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The Woodlands, TX 77382 
713-377-3519 | srk@delilahswalknplay.com
  • In cases of early returns I usually will not provide a refund, but depending on the circumstances it may be considered.
  • Weather can be an issue sometimes but I will walk your pets in any sort of weather except heavy rain with lightening and/or thunder for the safety of myself and your pets. 
  • In cases of extreme heat I will take your pets for a short walk, no more than 15 minutes and spend the rest of the time playing with them indoors. If the walk is cut short due to any kind of weather you will still get the amount of time you requested. 
  • I recommend you keep your pets shots up to date, mainly rabies vaccination and flea prevention as a precaution for other animals we may come in contact with.
  • I will not care for aggressive pets for the safety of myself and other animals. 
  • If your pets or myself get injured you will be responsible for all vet bills, treatments, and/or medical bills.
  • In the event of your pets getting sick or injured while in my care but I feel it is a non-life threatening situation I will call you first to see how you want to handle the situation. If I feel it is a life threatening situation I will immediately take your pets to the vet or emergency vet if it is after hours. Then the vet will call you for authorization of treatment. If you are not available I will call your emergency contact number and look to them for making the decisions for your pets treatment, so make sure your emergency contact is someone you trust with these kinds of situations if they were to arise. If neither you or your emergency contact can be reached it will be up to the vet to make the final call in treatment of your pets at his discretion and the cost of treatment will be charged to your account if that is allowed, if it is not allowed the full amount will be charged to your credit card on file with the vet. You assume full responsibility for all bills related to vet visit and transport to the vet.
  • If a client needs any small errands ran, pet supply pick up, take pets to vet appointments, and/or grooming appointments the client must provide enough monies to cover services or it will be added on to your account if funds are not met.
  • Payment can be made online through paypal and will be accessed through email. Payment is due at the beginning of work or every Friday for weekly clients. I will provide an email with an invoice or in person that has itemized list of what you are being charged for 48 hours in advance before your 1st visit is scheduled or 24 hours in advance for weekly clients. You can pay through paypal or give payment at meet and greet visit. If you decide to add on any other service after payment is completed we will handle it upon your arrival home and/or return of your key. I accept payment through cash, personal checks, paypal which include most debit/credit cards. 

Samantha Key

Call me at: 713-377-3519
Email me at: srk@delilahswalknplay.com
I check my email regularly so I will get back to you very quickly.

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