Woodlands Pet Siting
​What do you offer that other Woodlands pet sitting companies don't?

  • I don't charge key pick up/drop off fee.
  • I don't charge a holiday fee.
  • I don't charge for additional pets.

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The Woodlands, TX 77382 
713-377-3519 | srk@delilahswalknplay.com

  • I offer clients $3 off for every referral.
  • I take pictures of your pets so you have the comfort of knowing your pets are safe, happy, healthy.

How many times a day should my pets be visited.

I recommend at least 2 to 3 times a day for your dogs and 1 time a day for your cats and critters.

What do you do each visit?

As your trusted Woodlands pet sitting service, I walk/play with your pets for the amount of time you asked for then I will make sure your pets have fresh food and water if needed, brush your pets, give meds if needed, give treats, and undivided attention to your pets. If it is a long stay I will collect mail, get newspaper, water plants indoor/outdoor, turn lights on/off, turn T.V, radio, and/or music on/off to keep your pets company, maintain house, and anything else you want to add or request.

What visits do you recommend? 

I recommend 30 minute visits for 1-2 pets, 45 minute visits for 3-4 pets, and 60 minutes for more than 4 pets to make sure they all get the same amount of love n' care they deserve.

What should I have ready for you if I choose to use your services?

  • All forms filled out to save time.
  • A key to your home which will go in a lock box for safe keeping.
  • Show me where all the pet supplies are kept and anything else that would be helpful to me while you're away.
  • Make sure you are stocked up on pet food and anything else I would need because it is an extra fee of $20 if I have to pick up supplies.
  • Any other information you feel is vital to me.

Do you care for aggressive pets?

No, for the safety of myself and other pets.

Why should I choose your pet sitting company over a boarding facility?

  • You don't have to go through the hassle of dropping off/picking up your pets.
  • It can be cheaper because I don't charge for additional pets or extra add ons like boarding facilities can.
  • You can have the comfort of knowing that your pets are in their element and aren't in an unfamiliar place where they can be scared and/or confused.
  • You will also get more out of it then just having your pets taken care of because I also maintain your house and yard.
  • Also knowing your pets are getting undivided attention because they are the only ones being cared for at the time.

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