Woodlands Pet Siting

I will do initial walk through of your house each time I enter/leave to make sure there are no messes, everything is locked up, and there is nothing out of the ordinary.

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  • Pet sitting (which includes feeding, providing fresh water, brushing pets, cleaning up any messes in house, giving medications​)
  • Quick pet sit (feed, water, and potty break)
  • Dog walking
  • Pet chauffeur (grooming, vet, etc.)
  • Pet concierge (pet food, toys, kitty litter, etc.)
  • Basic care for your critters (rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, fish, etc.)
  • ​Provide emails/texts of updates of you're pets while you are away
  • Collect mail
  • Get trashcans
  • Collect newspaper from end of driveway
  • Water indoor plants
  • Set your house alarm
  • Turn radio, T.V, and/or music on/off to keep your pets company
  • Turn any lights on/off
  • Rotate shades/blinds
  • Change litter box
  • Provide lots of love n' care

I will leave a detailed note upon last visit telling you how your pets were while you were away.


Meet and greet visit to get to know you and your pets: FREE

  • 15 minute walk (per visit) $11
  • 30 minute walk (per visit) $15
  • Quick pet sit-up to 15 min (per visit) $10
  • 30 minute pet sitting (per visit) $16
  • 45 minute pet sitting (per visit) $20
  • 60 minute pet sitting (per visit) $25
  • Basic care for critters (per visit) fish $7, everything else $12
  • Pet concierge and/or pet chauffeur $30 (plus cost of supplies/items at your expense)
  • Canceling an reservation- $5, $10 (see pet sitting agreement for more details) 
  • Canceling a holiday reservation- $13, $15 (see pet sitting agreement for more details) 
  • Prices for pet sitting and dog walking in The Woodlands and any other service are subject to change anytime.

 * I offer $3 off any service for every referral!


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Your pets will get lots of love n’ care when you’re not there